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Gay drug addiction treatment programs or GLBT drug addiction treatment programs have finally begun to emerge within the State of Florida. I believe that is a testament to the progressive approach drug rehab programs in Florida have taken in recognizing the GLBT population deserves the choice regarding the type of addiction treatment they would like. For some, the type of addiction treatment services offered in a drug rehab would not matter, while others, would like Alcoholism Great Falls VA 22066 the ability to access gay friendly drug rehab programs in Florida. What matters most, is that today there are gay friendly drug addiction treatment programs in Florida, along with, gay friendly alcohol treatment centers in Florida. Now the question arises regarding gay friendly dual diagnosis treatment programs in Florida.

Dual Diagnosis Treatment Programs in the State of Florida for the GLBT

There are a number of dual diagnosis treatment programs in Florida that provide wonderful treatment Great Falls VA 22066 for dual diagnosis. They may be located within a drug rehab program, alcohol rehab program or within a hospital itself. Unfortunately, many of these dual diagnosis treatment programs do not offer addiction treatment or dual diagnosis treatment services for the gay, lesbian, bisexual or transgender. Gay dual diagnosis treatment programs in Florida or gay friendly dual diagnosis treatment programs in Florida are still very limited, regardless of the need.

GLBT and Dual Diagnosis in Florida

Research has Alcoholism Great Falls VA 22066 demonstrated that the incidence of drug addiction, alcoholism and mental health issues are higher among the GLBT population than the heterosexual population. In addition, the GLBT population in Florida is one of the largest in the nation. So why so few, GLBT dual diagnosis treatment programs in Florida? A question for people far smarter than I. All I can say is that we are lucky to have a nationally recognized gay dual diagnosis treatment program Great Falls VA 22066 in Florida. It is called Freedom Rings.

If you are looking for a gay friendly dual diagnosis treatment program in Florida, go to for addictional information. If you would like help in locating a GLBT dual diagnosis treatment program in an area near you, go to or call the national dual diagnosis treatment helpline at 1-800-511-9225. For those of you not concerned whether the dual diagnosis treatment program Great Falls VA 22066 is gay friendly or not, we recommend

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